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• Individual Counseling

Explore individual issues in a safe, non-judgmental environment with a goal of personal growth and contentment.

• Couples/Relationship Counseling

Address issues, resolve conflict and enhance communication with the goal of deepening the couple’s relationship with one another.

• Family Counseling

Define family dynamics, resolves conflict and clarify each member’s role in the family system, with the goal of understanding each member’s unique role.

• Teen Counseling

Provide teens and their families the opportunity to explore the developmental and emotional issues of becoming independent, as teens assume adult responsibilities and gain personal confidence.

• Group Dynamics

Explore the individual’s role in the larger community as well as their understanding of themselves, through the support and encouragement of others.

• Life Coaching

Receive ongoing encouragement and direction for daily activities and decision making, through regular contracted phone consultations with the counselor.

• Public Speaking

Offering opportunities for public speaking in different settings on various topics of personal growth. Topics may include effective parenting, managing stress, planning a career, deepening relationships, resolving grief, building positive self-esteem, reaching one’s full potential, being happy and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Service Fees:

Out of network benefits available.

In cases of financial hardship, I am sometimes able to arrange a lower fee for a certain period of time.

Most clients pay out-of-pocket for their therapy to avoid jeopardizing their future ability to obtain life, health, or disability insurance. Any therapist must assign a "mental disorder" diagnosis to your claim to prove that your therapy or "treatment" is "medically necessary." (Couples therapy and marriage counseling are included). This diagnosis becomes a part of your record in central insurance computers. For these reasons I do not accept insurance.